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I am VERY satisfied with the machine, and the service I got from your side. I will certainly give your store name as a reference, and order again in your shop.

Thank you,

"I have bought sewing machines from Paul for many years and wouldn't go anywhere else. His prices are competetive and after sales service excellent. I recommend him to everyone in my quilt classes for machine repairs, services and sales."

01768 881188

I would like to thank you for your help with my order and for sending it out immediately. Incredibly the pattern arrived here in Wales to-day!
Many thanks and best wishes,
Janet R.Ogwen

I travelled from Duurham to visit this Bernina dealerwhen.I was hoping for a good demonstration of the latest Top Of the Line sewing machine, and I wasnt disappointed.

The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, and as this is a very new machine admitted they didnt know all of it, and made a phone call to the person who knew the answer.

Ity was very wheelchair friendly, which is always a bonus
From Co Durham

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