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Welcome to our store

Welcome to our store

Welcome to our on line shopping Website. We will be continually adding to and improving the site on a regular basis so keep logging on and thankyou for visiting Superior Sewing Centre.

We have an extensive range of Debbie Bliss on sale here Sewing Machines from Brother - Singer - Janome amongst others & a wide range of overlockers. We belive in offering the highest standard of service and excellent value for money with all the latest offers.
Our Knitting Department is one of the largest in Cumbria and we also stock a wide range of haberdashery.

If you can't find what you are looking for on our web site or would like to know more please just give us a call.

See instore

See instore

A selection of Sewing Machines on display in our store.

Your Sewing Basket

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Our Best Sellers

Brother LX17

Brother LX17


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PP Jeanie Aran 1963

PP Jeanie Aran 1963

Whats New?

Baby Cashmerino 099 Sea Green

Baby Cashmerino 091 Acid Yellow

Baby Cashmerino 012 Silver



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